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Sloth is a Flowing Rock Golem created by Richter after defeating a Nesting Stone Slime. It was created by augmenting his base Earth Golem with a Slime Core of Nesting Stone Slime. Using the slime core altered the base golem in ways that made it easier for Sloth to follow Richter through the sometimes tight spaces of the underground tunnels. It is slightly shorter than the base Earth Golem and has the ability to change the shape of its body, allowing it to follow Richter through the sometimes tight spaces of the underground tunnels. Its body appears to made of occluded, rose-colored quartz making it slightly transparent.

Richter named the Golem Sloth after reshaping its face to resemble Sloth from The Goonies. Sloth is able to speak but rarely does so. Richter formed a mental bond with Sloth and described the golem's mind as alien and blank. It is not clear whether or not the golem is actually intelligent.


Health Mana Stamina Attack Defense Speed
575 177 575 19-20 25 57

Special Abilities

Stone Punch
Description Powerful melee strike.
Damage Attack*Golem Rank+Golem Level
Cost 25 Stamina
Cooldown 2 minutes
Description Heavy footfall causing creatures to potentially fall and become disoriented and/or confused
Range Golem Level*Golem Rank yards
Cost 40 Stamina
Cooldown 5 minutes
Hurl Rock
Description Ranged attack that allows golem to summon a small boulder to hurl at an enemy.
Damage Attack*Golem Rank+Golem Level
Cost 30 Stamina
Cooldown 4 minutes
Hidden Earth
Description If in a rocky environment, can alter the appearance of its skin to hide with great efficiency. Does not work in other environments.
Cost 10 Stamina/minute
Weak Absorb
Description Has a weak version of a slime's absorb ability. lacing the bodies of other creatures inside of its body will yield XP