Chaos Seeds Wiki

The Sea of Chaos contains everything that was, is, or could be. Access to the Sea of Chaos is restricted to Chaos Seeds. The Sea has several stratums from which Chaos Seeds can purchase offerings using Chaos Points. Which stratums a Chaos Seed can access are determined by two factors. The first is their alignment. Each Chaotic alignment point a Chaos Seed has earned will gain them access to another stratum. Chaos Seeds may also purchase access to higher stratums using their Chaos Points.

Discovered Offerings

1st Stratum

Offering Cost Traits
Scroll of Summon Weak Chaotic Spirit 2 CP Summons a level 20 Chaotic Evil Spirit for one hour. Immune to physical harm. 17% chance the spirit will attack you. This is decreased by 5% for every point of evil alignment or chaotic alignment you possess.
Scroll of Chaotic Melding 3 CP Allows the user to adopt one random trait from another nearby creature for 24 hours
Vial of Spirit Weakness 3 CP This poison is imbued with the Deeper Magic, Spirit. Anyone afflicted with this will be 461% more susceptible to possession, mental control or any Spirit magic.
Shoes of Cursed Jumping 4 CP Provides shoes that increase the jump capability of the wearer by 319%. Proper landings are softened by the magic of these boots. The wearer must jump 500 times per day. Once donned, these boots cannot be removed except by an Adept level spell of the Basic Elements, an Initiate level spell of the Deeper Magics or a Higher Energy spell.
Chaotic Dagger 5 CP Dagger of +15 damage. Once unsheathed, it will disappear in 24 hours. If claiming the life of a Chaos seed, it will not only end their current life, but also an additional one of their respawns. Their rebirth time will be based on their new respawn count.
Belt of Spell Stealing 5 CP Provides a belt that allows the wearer to steal spells that have been cast.  This removes the spell knowledge from the target, and keeps the magic bound to the belt to be used at the wearer’s discretion.  Can hold three novice level spells of the Basic Elements.  Each spell can be used once per day.

2nd Stratum

Offering Cost Traits
Vial of Chaotic Noxious Scent 11 CP Provides a vial containing a liquid of such disgusting stench that it will drive away most creatures.  Those exposed may be dazed, driven to temporary madness, afflicted with intractable vomiting or swoon.  The exact nature of the scent will not be known until manifested
Chaotic Lute 15 CP Provides a musical instrument that has a chance of triggering a random buff.
Chaotic Psi Scroll 14 CP Provides a scroll of the Deeper Magic of Thought.  Properties of the scroll will only be known upon acquisition.

3rd Stratum

Offering Cost Traits
Ring of Health Siphon 16 CP Provides the user +32 Health for every enemy killed. Cannot exceed max Health. Decreases Mana by -31 while being worn.
Recipe: Gilded Lie 16 CP Provides a potion recipe that if poured over iron, will change it to gold for 1-4 days.
Spell: Akaton Evolution 23 CP Casting this spell upon a summoned creature or pet will trigger a random evolution. It will also lengthen the spell duration of your summoning. This spell may not be cast upon sapient beings. This is a spell of Chaos Magic, level 1.
Race Change 25 CP You may change your race. Your new race will be randomly selected from among three races you pick and a fourth choice you have not selected. You can only pick races which you have met
Extra Respawn 25 CP Purchasing this will extend your respawns by one.  Your respawn time will revert back to the previous length.
Unknown Skill Book 32 CP Provides a skill book that will teach you an unknown skill that you possess an affinity for.  Reading this book will advance you to skill level twenty-five.

4th Stratum

Offering Cost Traits
Eyes of a Death God 49 CP Purchasing this allows the purchaser to know how many respawns other Chaos Seeds have once the purchaser has learned their true nature.
Tear of the Rainbow 51 CP "In a time of darkest night, the bearer of this tear may find their way to salvation."
Fairy Water 52 CP Sprinkle this upon the ground and a ring of toadstools will appear. Under the right conditions, this may offer transport to a random fey realm. The potential portal will also slowly increase the ambient magic of the surrounding lands.
Silver Harp 53 CP The haunting melody of this harp forces even the strands of fate to bend their ear. Playing this instrument may cause momentous events to occur nearby. It can be used three times before it will be destroyed.
Weapon Schematic 55 CP Provides an innovative (4th Tier) Schematic for either a mace, sword, or bow. Only a Professed Smith can construct these weapons.
Scroll of the Nine Tail 58 CP Summons a truly powerful creature to fight on the purchaser's behalf for the duration of one battle.
Skill Boost 58 CP Will provide +2 skill levels to the purchaser's two most advanced skills or +4 skill levels to their most advanced skill.
Expertise Book 61 CP Reading this book will teach you the expertise needed to reach the 4th rank of weapon mastery in one of the following styles:

  • Bladesinging - Dawn Elves of Vinastra (Long blades)
  • Shadow Skimming - Gloom Elves of Whisper Woods (Small blades)
  • Granite Breaker - Mountain Dwarves of Firetip Mountains (Maces and Clubs)
  • Sundered Heart - Leopard Beastkin of the Havandt tribe in the Plains of Gold (Spears)
Tree of the Senzu 63 CP Provides a sapling that will grow senzu beans. These beans have great restorative powers and can completely restore a creature's health, mana, and stamina instantly. Normally produces 4 beans per year/