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Roswan is both a Professional Engineer and the Dungeon Keeper for the Mist Village.


Roswan's most notable feature is his caterpillar-like mustache, because facial hair is unusual for a Wood Elf. He only has nine toes. He is six feet tall with short hair parted on the left.


Roswan is extremely gruff and prefers to communicate with long, drawn-out grunts (usually to Richter's great annoyance) or single-word sentences. He has a passion for eggs and bacon, and only by promising he will have them for every meal is Richter able to convince Roswan to become the Official Mist Village Builder, though later he relinquishes this position to Lezli in order to become a Dungeon Keeper.

Roswan does not eat vegetables - including fish, because fish is a vegetable - and does not believe in drinking water (be whiskey or do not exist). He loves riddles and believes that the most graceful animal in The Land is a mini-horse.


  • Dungeon Keeper


Roswan has no known Abilities.


Roswan is not known to have any magical affinities. Though due to his profession specialty, Dungeon Master, Roswan is able to summon and utilize mist workers. Most notably, His personally summoned Mist Workers are the only ones able to work within the Dungeon of Bloody Chaos without being attacked by dungeon creatures. He may be able to utilize other settlement spells, though it has not been revealed.


  • Construction (47 - Journeyman)
    • Design (28 - Apprentice)
    • Masonry (38 - Apprentice)
      • Carpentry (35 - Apprentice)
    • Repair (36 - Apprentice)
  • Cooking (14 - Initiate)
  • Fishing (24 - Initiate)
  • Puzzle Solving (23 - Initiate)
  • Tracking (15 - Initiate)
  • Unarmed Combat (27 - Apprentice)


Str Agi Dex Con End Int Wis Cha Lck
23 15 35 17 25 33 12 15 14


I do not eat vegetables. That includes fish... because it is a vegetable. I also do not believe in drinking water. It is a beverage that does not try enough. Be whiskey or do not exist. I love riddles. I only have nine toes, and the most graceful animal on the planet is a mini-horse. Roswan, Book 7



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